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UAE leads GCC in Foreign Real Estate Investments

UAE leads GCC in foreign real estate investments Filed on September 24, 2019 | Originally published on UAE property offers higher returns than Far East markets. The UAE leads the Gulf region in terms of investments in the real estate abroad, said Richard Divall, head of cross-border capital markets at Colliers International EMEA. In [...] Read More
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Why do some real estate agents get such a bad rap?

As much as UAE residents love their life in the Emirates, they also enjoy complaining. Trawl any social media platform and you will find numerous complaints about bad real estate brokers. But are they really any worse than other professionals in the country? Here are a few reasons why brokers get such a bad rep: […]

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Why the obsession with real estate in the UAE?

The property market is a source of fascination for both residents and international investors As soon as someone finds out I work in real estate in the UAE they invariably ask how the market is doing. “Is it up, down, when is it going to change direction, is now the right time to invest?” they […]

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Why buy a car in the UAE but not a home?

Lots of residents own their cars in the UAE but far fewer own their houses. Undoubtedly, houses are more expensive than cars so I will not address my thoughts to the people who simply cannot afford a down payment on their own home, but more to those who have the deposit, own a car but do not […]

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Traps to avoid when buying property in the UAE

The sales market has been buoyant in the off-plan sector but troubled in the secondary market for some time now. Prices have been sliding since 2015 due to the oil price crash and resulting issues around the Gulf. However, oil is at a four-year high hovering above $75 a barrel and there is much talk […]

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Five Reasons to be Positive about Abu Dhabi Real Estate

Since 2015 the Abu Dhabi Real Estate Market has had a tough time. The fall in the price of oil meant that, unlike the rest of the world who are now in their ninth year of recovery from the 2008 crash, we had a serious “double-dip”. The resulting government spending cutbacks, benefits reductions and job losses in 2016 lead to vacancies across the board and sales and rental prices dropped. 2017 was more of the same as companies consolidated and more fat was trimmed. The effect on the real estate market has been that as of now, in mid-2018 we are in the same place (in terms of rents and sales prices) as the bottom of the market in 2012 (according to Reidin).

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When you are an investor there are a lot of things you can put your money into. Stocks and shares, funds, art, bitcoin, crowdfunding, there is a pretty long list. Property is always high on that list. High net worth individuals will be told by financial advisors that they should invest a certain amount of their wealth into real estate, but why?

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