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- To empower real estate professionals to easily gain knowledge and education, enabling them to gather the highest levels of service and success.

- Unleashing Real Estate Agents Potential” and prepare them to be the Best Real Estate Agents in UAE.

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- To be the “preferred Training Academy” in the Real Estate Industry.

- To mold high quality professionals in Real Estate Industry. Additionally, to provide learners with the opportunity to understand the real estate world, to think analytically & creatively. To deliver best customer's services and focus on referrals.

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Christina has spent over two decades helping both management teams and professionals to succeed. With energetic approach transforms the essentials like strong communication skills, powerful presentation and closing techniques into competitive advantages for team associates and agents alike. Her methodology for mastering these skills ensures a rock solid foundation for building a successful career.

Christina’s programs create high-energy, productive environments that highlight the company’s winning methodology and keeps team focused on growth, retention and profitability.



As Managing Partner of Crompton Partners, I oversee both the sales and leasing teams and manage the overall strategic direction of the company in Abu Dhabi. I personally specialize in the investment and legal side of property and real estate in Abu Dhabi, am published and quoted regularly in the media with regards to the property and real estate market in the Capital and have written a significant amount of guidance on the legal and practical aspects of leasing and selling land, buildings and individual property.


Our Courses

What we offer

CPAD – Initial Training
(10 modules)

The initial training is a compulsory training for two weeks that all new agents attend and they are able to procure the basic knowledge of Real Estate Industry. The above course is a face to face course and includes role play activities, quizzes, tasks and final written assessment.

Courses we cover

• How to Create Quality Listings
• Effective Listing Presentations to Get Exclusive Listings
• Customer Service to Win the Real Estate Game
• How to Implement a Service Culture
• Customer Journey Mapping
• Assertive Communication
• Time Management
• Effective Negotiation Tactics
• Motivation in the Real Estate Industry
• How to stay motivated
• Professional Appearance
• Qualities of a Successful Real Estate Agent
• Skills required to become Successful

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