Latest News in Abu Dhabi Real Estate

Why property in Abu Dhabi is a great investment

The markets in the Middle East are pretty jumpy at the moment, with political instability...
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Why Buy Instead of Rent in Abu Dhabi

Home ownership rates in Europe vary from Germany at 53% all the way to Romania at 96% (the USA...
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Buying in Abu Dhabi – Who Can Buy What and Where

Abu Dhabi Law 19 of 2005 did two things, firstly it allowed Emiratis to buy and sell land...
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Top five luxury homes in Abu Dhabi

Fancy your own private jetty? What about an exclusive island villa? We take a look at Abu...
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Know your Rights

This article originally featured in Abu Dhabi Week in January 2014. It is written by Ben...
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10 Reasons To Invest in Abu Dhabi Property

1. The Market in the UAE Expatriates can buy in several areas in the UAE, namely Saadiyat,...
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What You Need to Know About Renting In Abu Dhabi

Renting in Abu Dhabi is full of mis-information, smoke and mirrors to catch the unwary. Here...
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Seven Steps to Avoiding A Rent Raise

The Abu Dhabi rent cap was first introduced in 2006 by what has become known as the Tenancy...
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Seven Trends to Watch – UAE Real Estate in 2015

A Tail of Two Cities Abu Dhabi and Dubai are two cities with vastly different personalities...
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Abu Dhabi Property FAQ of the Week #3

How has UAE law changed over the years for expats buying property? The law has remained the...
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Abu Dhabi’s Tallest Tower

On 9th November 2014 one of the most exciting buildings in Abu Dhabi opened its doors to...
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