Latest News in Abu Dhabi Real Estate

Five reasons why you should invest in Abu Dhabi’s property this year

Abu Dhabi homebuyers are not only the people planning to live there but also those...
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UAE Green Visa, Freelancer Visa, Golden Visa: What we know about the new visa schemes so far

The UAE recently unveiled new visa schemes for expats. Picture for illustrative purposes...
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Can I work for a UAE company without a residency visa?

Under the law, a residency visa and work permit are required for expatriates to work in the Emirates
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Is it more cost-effective to rent or buy a home in the UAE?

Real estate expert Ben Crompton weighs up the options for residents in the...
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Everything you need to know about Al Reef Villas Registration and Tawtheeq

Enrolment & Registration of AlReef properties in ADDC & AbuDhabi Municipality post...
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The BEST WAY to get your Rental DEPOSIT BACK

Probably the most effective way to ensure the return of your deposit after the end of your tenancy agreement is the use of Article 17 of Abu Dhabi Judicial Department Resolution No. 25 of 2018.
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How interest rates have changed over last year and what that means practically for home buyers

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How to Make a Perfect Rent-reduction Notice to your Landlord

If you are working with a company where you can’t talk to someone about your rent reduction, here is how you send the request.
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How do you find the market price for your property?

This is a very neat trick for property sellers. If you are a genuine seller, to find out...
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Where the current abu dhabi real estate market is

Where the Current Abu Dhabi Leasing Market is

We’re at the 8th of June right now and Abu Dhabi starting to open up. So what’s going on for the landlords and tenants right now?
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